Learn to carry and use a gun safely and confidently in a defensive situation. Private classes for individual or small group on-the-range training.

A Waco gun class for everyone, beginner thru advanced, taught by certified NRA and DPS instructors with years of teaching experience.

Develop your skills and knowledge to become confident and competent in concealed carry, defensive tactics and self-protection. Learn a  personal defense plan and train with our award-winning NRA and DPS certified instructors who have extensive experience training at national levels.....

If you had to rely on your training, skills and weapon to defend yourself, would you be ready?

After you have learned basic handgun skills, gun safety rules, and perhaps even have your CHL/LTC license to carry, your next step toward responsible gun ownership and CONFIDENT CONCEALED CARRY is to develop and practice your DEFENSIVE HANDGUN SKILLS.

The fact is that most people freeze in an emergency situation, because they have not trained for an appropriate response. Things go wrong in a confrontation, your adrenaline eats all of your coordination, mechanical things break at the worst possible moment, and bad guys do not do what you want them to.

Target shooting, and basic gun skills are something every gun owner should be confident with. But defensive gun training is very different. The paper target at your gun range is not shooting back at you. In a defensive emergency you must be able to respond perfectly in a split second. This requires planning, training, and skills.

Defensive pistol gun training skills require specific training and practice to become proficient. These things just cannot be learned in a classroom, online, or as part of a larger group.

  • The draw, holster skills, getting your pistol into action from concealment
  • Rapid target acquisition
  • Accurate shot placement, rapidly and under stress
  • How to properly reload your pistol quickly (tactical reload)
  • Malfunction clearances when things go wrong with the pistol
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Alternative shooting stances and methods
  • Movement while and after shooting
  • Shooting at multiple targets
  • Engage targets at multiple distances

We will teach you drills that you can safely practice at home. When you have mastered these come back for another DEFENSIVE HANDGUN session, and do the drills with the instructor at the range with live fire.

Think of your defensive gun training in the same context as music lessons. If you practice regularly, and meet with your teacher from time to time for another lesson, you will become very proficient, and have a lot of fun in the process!

You can train alone, or add family or a few friends for just $25 additional each (+ $10 range fees). It makes for a fun, memorable and very affordable 3 - 4 hour private session tailored to your group.

Would you bet your life on your defensive gun skills?

  • Recommended for: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Number of students: 1-4
  • Class Length: Hourly sessions, range. Many prefer to book 3-4 hours per training
  • Location: We have 3 private ranges to choose from, all within 10 minutes of Waco.
  • Date and Time: Choose from weekday evenings, Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or contact us
  • Cost: 1-2 people in hr session - $100. Add your family and friends for just $25 hr per person!
  • Range fees: $10 per student fee paid to range owner on class day
  • Ammunition: 50+ rounds for each hour of training


Sessions are available on weekday evenings, Saturdays, or Sunday afternoons. Email us with your questions and contact info, and we will call you to schedule the best time for your training.

These sessions are always fun, and great for family or a small group of friends.

Select the total number of people you are including in your class, click the BUY NOW button, and you will be taken to the secure checkout page where you select the number of hours for your training session.

choose number of people in your class

After you complete your payment, you will receive an email receipt. Follow the instructions, and fill out the student registration information form on that page.

We have 3 locations and private ranges in the Waco area, and will contact you with the location and details for your class in a few days.


For complete info on what to bring, how to prepare, policies and safety, CLICK HERE.....


Cen Tex Gun Training llc serves the Central Texas Waco region, providing Gun Training classes, private and small group gun instruction and lessons, Texas license to carry, LTC CCL, concealed carry and home defense fundamentals classes. Schedule a custom Waco gun class or private class tailored to your family and friends at a home or location of your choice. Contact us with your ideas, questions, or suggestions!

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