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How to Shoot a Pistol  This great tutorial should be read by anyone interested in shooting or carrying a handgun.....


Find the right gun training classes for beginner or advanced

Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely handle and carry a gun.

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Self-Defense & Home Defense articles and videos

Learn how to keep your family safe both inside and outside of your home.


True Stories of armed self defense 

What really happens in a self defense confrontation. Click on the "EDUCATION" link.....

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Read your target to determine shooting technique  problems

Target Analysis is KEY to becoming a good shot!

Support our local gun business, and tell them you saw them listed on this website!

Cen Tex Gun Training llc serves the Central Texas Waco region, providing Gun Training classes, private and small group gun instruction and lessons, Texas license to carry, LTC CCL, concealed carry and home defense fundamentals classes. Schedule a custom Waco gun class or private class tailored to your family and friends at a home or location of your choice. Contact us with your ideas, questions, or suggestions!

Certified professional firearms training - CenTex Gun Training llc

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