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This popular class combines your standard CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE TO CARRY CLASS, with a valuable two hours of instructor supervised range time following the regular LTC class. Many people who take the LTC class want to stay at the range for a couple of hours to practice their shooting and gun skills. Great idea! You're there anyway, why not stick around for awhile and get some quality coaching from a professional instructor as you learn and practice your shooting and gun handling skills.

So we can now offer this learn to shoot combo class range coaching to our students for a great price. You attend the LTC class with the other students, and then after the class when they leave, you get to stay for an additional 2 hours of professional gun coaching and training time with award-winning coaches and shooters. What's not to like?

Here are some of the topics we can help you train and practice during your enhanced range time:

  • Safe gun handling. Always number 1
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship: sight picture
  • Grip, stance, aiming, trigger control, follow-through
  • Loading and unloading
  • Presentation from ready
  • Target engagement from a variety of distances
  • Clearing basic malfunctions

Ammunition: 100 rounds of handgun ammunition minimum.​

  • Recommended for: Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Prerequisites: You must be able to pass the shooting qualification. Recommended classes = NEW SHOOTER/INTRO TO FIREARMS CLASS, or NRA BASIC PISTOL CLASS
  • Number of students: 6-10
  • Class Length: 5 hr classroom and range class, followed by 2 hr range training
  • Location: We have 3 private ranges and classrooms in the Waco area.
  • Date and Time: Contact us to schedule a private class at your location
  • Cost: $175, ( plus a range fee of $10 paid to range owner on class day )
We have prepared a special webpage to answer the most common questions we get from students about the Texas License to Carry registration procedures, and range shooting test. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE LICENSE TO CARRY DETAILED INFO!

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We will be glad to answer any questions, and get you into one of our upcoming classes. We have 3 private ranges in the Waco area, and will contact you to set up the location and details for your class in a few days.

We normally schedule these classes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We can set up a private class for your family and friends at the time and location of your choice.

Cen Tex Gun Training llc serves the Central Texas Waco region, providing Gun Training classes, private and small group gun instruction and lessons, Texas license to carry, LTC CCL, concealed carry and home defense fundamentals classes. Schedule a custom Waco gun class or private class tailored to your family and friends at a home or location of your choice. Contact us with your ideas, questions, or suggestions!

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